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Optimum Cold Pressed with added TurmerAid 5kg (FREE DELIVERY )

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  • Our Cobbydog Optimum Chicken Cold Pressed Dog Food with added TurmerAid™ is formulated using 100% natural ingredients and doing as little as possible to them before they reach your dog’s food bowl.

    We carefully mix these healthy ingredients and press them together at a low temperature right here in our factory in West Yorkshire, to preserve all their natural tasty goodness. And because it's made here at our British factory we know exactly what goes into our Cold pressed Dog Food.

    Our Optimum Chicken Cold Pressed with added TurmerAid™ creates a natural diet with the convenience of a complete dry food. It’s as close to raw feeding as possible and is suitable to feed alongside a raw diet.


    But that’s not all! Our Optimum Chicken Cold Pressed Dog Food has all the added benefits of TurmerAid™, a bespoke Turmeric blend Formulated to Optimise the Bio-Availability of Key Functional Ingredients 

    • Turmeric
    • Linseed Oil
    • Black Pepper
    • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Yucca

    No more yellow hands!  We have done all the mixing and measuring for you.

    Key benefits: 

    • 100% Natural
    • Grain Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Rice Free
    • High Meat 43%
    • High Protein
    • As close to raw feeding as possible
    • Suitable to feed alongside raw diets
    • NO animal derivatives
    • Less volume, less stomach load
    • Suitable for all life stages - Puppies from 4 weeks old (weaning) right through to senior dogs. 
    • Free from chemical additives, artificial colours, flavourings, sugars and preservatives.
    • Nutritionally dense, which means you don't need to feed as much as you would a kibble or raw diet.
    • Ideal for dogs with known food Intolerances, sensitive digestive issues or grain allergies.
    • Support Healthy Joints
    • Helps to Maintain a Healthy and Shiny Coat
    • Aids digestion
    • Positive effects on the microflora that occur naturally in the stomach
    • Helps the Integrity of the Natural Defence Mechanisms
    • Supports the body’s natural inflammation processes
    • Aids recovery after exercise
    • Supports the respiratory system
    • Promotes Well-being and General Health
    • Turmeric Contains a Minimum of 5% Curcumin
    • Cracked Black Pepper to Aid Bio-Availability
    • Linseed Oil to Aid Absorption of the Curcumin